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Mechanical Engineering is a stream of engineering offering knowledge and professionalism in design, construction, and usage of the machine. Mechanical engineering touches a vast area of our day to day life from cars to mobile phones, from biochemical plants to aircraft and from engineering to marketing. Its versatility attracts the students to opt for this stream. We understand the creativity and interest of the ME students by offering them a variety of programming and software courses favorable for them.


CAD is a computer technology used for designing and designing documentation. 2D CAD allows only two-dimensional drawing that is hight and width whereas 3D CAD works on every dimension called a three-dimensional model, which makes it physically present and real. These programs allow us to explore the design ideas and visual concepts through photorealistic renderings. At NorthPole Web service we have the best trainers for CAD in both dimensional fields.

Mechanical Engineering


Solid work is a solid modeling concept that applies three-dimensional modeling. So it is a solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering. It is mostly used by designers, engineers, students, and professionals, etc. It helps save time and money. We train our students with 100% efficiency and expertise.

Mechanical Engineering


CATIA stands for Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application. It is a complete working platform under one roof. It increases the time efficiency of designing and development, it covers the entire shape design, styling and surface workflow. Similarly, we make it easier for you to choose the language as well as software according to your choice and in return, we assure you the best results.

Mechanical Engineering


CREO is the leading CAD software in the market and it is also the latest version of Pro-E. Pro-E was re-launched into PTC CREO in 2011. CREO is not a sole application but a set of variety of applications each specified for a particular task.
The family of Pro-E has been renamed as:
• Pro-E became PTC CREO
• CoCreate became PTC Creo Direct
• Product View became PTC Creo View
To expertise in this field, we have to undergo proper guidance and training and that you would get here at NorthPole Web Services.

Mechanical Engineering


Siemens PLM Software has launched the latest version of NX software, the company integrates CAD/CAM/CAE solution. NX 8 includes and provides new solutions for optimization and multi-purpose analysis. It mainly focuses on machinery and tooling design, which is used for machinery and heavy equipment parts designing and production. Those who are interested in machinery designing and production could opt for this course with appropriate training at NorthPole Web Service with an expert’s company.

Mechanical Engineering


CNC machining is a manufacturing procedure in which a programmed computer software dictates and controls the movement of the factory tools and machinery. Either a small machinery part or a full-fledged factory tools it could b controlled by CNC machining program. If you are interested in making big machines dance on your moves you could opt for CNC machining, with NorthPole Web Service it is possible to learn and get placed in such a unique field with expert guidance and pieces of advice.

Mechanical Engineering