Web Development itself explained the development of the website. Creating a website does not finishes your task maintenance is also required. Web development could be a single built page or a dynamic platform of coding languages such as Facebook. Its task is to make your website look great, work fast and perform well.

Web development is done by using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. It is differentiated into two parts:

  • 1. Frontend (client-side service): The frontend development means the development of the layout, design, visual representation and the interactivity of the website using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. When you open a website whatever you see is done by frontend developers, the colors, the text, the images, dropdown menus, etc, all taken care by frontend developers.
  • 2. Backend (server-side service): The backend development means what’s going on behind the stage such as data storage, applications, hosting services, etc. The developers ensure the smooth performance of the server, applications, and database. For such tasks, they use PHP, RUBY, Python, and Java.

If you are interested in learning web development you should be aware of the duties and responsibilities of a web developer. 1. Helps to create an efficient website that is suitable for all the guests visiting your website. 2. Writes efficient and suitable codes. 3. Creates website using HTML/CSS 4. Helps and guides web designers and programmers to create a quality product. 5. Keeps a check on the new and innovative strategies of the market for an updated performance. 6. Always prepares a plan ‘b’ in case of malfunction of the website. 7. Maintain the quality of the website created to keep it a notch ahead of the competition.