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In school time our teachers use to say always recheck you answer sheets before submission, following that legacy we always believe in a second go through. Before handing over the final product to the customer a final recheck is a must, to avoid all the malfunctions and bugs. Q/A helps a direct reach of customers to us where they can ask their queries and could get instant solutions.

As earlier mentioned we believe in customer satisfaction, hence solutions are our priority.

Testing could be done in two ways:


It is the self-explaining test which is done manually. Manual testing is the most basic but most important form of software testing, in which each function is observed through human vision. The person performs all those functions which are to b performed by the user, in order to check all the functions as well malfunctions of the software. Then also the final product is not ready but is prepared to be ready for automation testing.


After the manual testing, a final testing procedure is required to check whether all the debugging done through manual efforts is up to the mark or not. In order to do that, software is required which could find all the errors missed my human efforts. Basically, it is an automatic version of manual testing. It is time efficient and effective software with zero chances of mistakes.

In other words, whenever new software is updated it is not ever time possible to check, Is there any new bug introduced or does it needs to b fixed. So, in that case, we need a system that could automatically judge the software and for that automatic testing is required.